colors in life

Hari tu aku ade la nampak girl's teks book and what amazed me it looks like a colouring book. Haha mcam2 kaler ade biru, pink, kuning and many more la. Aku pun ade la main highlight2 ney tapi xde la hardcore cam mereka2. Aku pun tanya la knape jdy cmtu xpening kew. Then they said "no la, beside it more fun and attracting...". Hurm im trully agree with that. Warna memainkan peranan penting dalam hidup kita such as for traffic light, and so on and sometimes we dont realize we become the colour for somebody else in their life. For me all my fren is my color and everyday make my day berkaler2 haha....without dem my day will sorrow and alone...i dont want back what im had been b4=( forever alone

bIggESt ChAnGe

If i want to say now im become happier urm..xde la happy sangat tapi its become more different and strange day by day. Seriously, before this i'm such a quiet and lonely person compare to now, well if my friend at here know who really i am they should be shock giler punye haha. Try imagine la kan aku ney dulu ade satu sifat giler punye that is suka menyendiri sampai kat klas dulu time form 2 sitting under table coz klaz become upside-down (huru-hara la). Kdg biler sesuatu jadi terlalu terabu aku akan fuzzy, serabut. Now i changing little by little, mne xnye everything is crazy for me here. Dengan friend yg much 100x crazier than before this and dengan study yg cam gampang woohoo, it become challenging day by day even everyday is same. Say, how to become pandai when u are lazy, that what always menghantui diriku ini huhu.