Suka or minat?? What the different?

What diff of minat dengan suka? Hurm well minat tu kita akan buat whatever it takes and suka tu erm xseganas minat tu. so perasaan suka tu boleh berubah2, kejap suka kejap tak. Minat tak kan hilang dan we'll do anything for it. I've been asked all my fren and they agree with my statement. Hurm well that's what I felt now, slowly my feelin to computer lost. I don't know how that happend maybe the subject xkne dengan minat aku...

It also can relate to our feeling. Kejap suka kejap clash. It been commonly every relationship doesn't long last because they bored with their couple. They doesn't care what in front of them. Maybe dah hilang minat.... Well dari minat datangnya suka tapi dari suka xsemestinya akan adanya minat. Last night I had made a survey with my friend about this diff of suka dan minat, they gave lots of idea but mostly same " suka tu something kita akan suka kat orang tu with full heart and kalau minat tu just admire je". Well that what people said, how about y'all?

My conclusion is suka Dan minat adalah something yang boleh berubah2. It depend to that person how it use to be suka seseorang or minat seseorang... Suka is a normal feeling but minat is something more to desire, u gotta hav it what ever it takes :)