lOnESoMenEss sYnDRomE

lonesomeness syndrome...have u heard anything bout that? well it was a combined word from these word;
alone and awesome. my friend who first came to this idea to tell about his feeling now and suddenly it had became
viral and affected me, but not to terible lah. how come be not to terible? haha well im just alone and not to awesome..
which more to some then awesome. this kind of virus is can be effected by anybody. the symptom2 are: 1.always lonely and alone,
2.always shows cool faced
3.like to do funny things just to dissapear his sadness
4.always put earplug/headphone
5.be quiet when people around him speaking and many more....

woo tu baru keadaan2 dia blum kesan2 dye haha. anyway this kind of syndrome is really
hard to find the cure...sometimes wiseman said "it will come to u..", stupidman lak said "xde ubat da pdan muke kaw haha".
truly is lonesomeness ni just a mental problem that only urself can cured it.... :(