cheer her day

the best recipe to have a good relationship is keep contact each other and care her as much you care yourself. not just only for boy girl relation; between to your parents , friends... be always remembering and for sure you will have a good relationship with everyone. I remembered my friend's story about how he get his girl which has been together for both of them almost 4 years, I called him Dan. I dont remember too much but what I remember was he told that his girl was a teacher in his school and he get her with just a candy. just a normal candy but what make it special is it be given everyday and he also always keep in touch with his teacher. and the drama plus sinetron plus the samarinda haha aaaaaaaand they become a couple. so what im saying here is love also can be build as simple as a message sent by phone or words everyday to whom girl u like and she will see how much u will appreciated her and always can cheer up her if u want a girlfriend than cheer her everyday and u want lots of friend cheer up everyone around u.